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Maryborough Pressure Cleaning is a family-owned professional house washing and pressure cleaning service in Fraser Coast.

Our unique system uses pressure water to clean dirt and grime from the exterior of your home.

We offer other services such as gutter cleaning, driveway and window cleaning, roofing painting, concrete sealing and cleaning, graffiti removal, and roof painting.

We also offer great multi-dwelling house cleaning services to body corporate.

Our team is enthusiastic and committed.

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Big Difference After Pressure Cleaning Roof

House Washing is a great way to deep clean your Maryborough property.

There are many benefits to getting the exterior of your Maryborough house cleaned by a professional service such as Maryborough Pressure Cleaning. Including:

Improve the curb appeal and appearance of your home

A deep-clean house washing in Maryborough is always a winner, whether you’re looking to sell your home or just to improve its street appeal.

This allows you to give your house a new, cleaner look without doing extensive and costly renovations or painting.

A pressure washing service in Maryborough is an affordable way to improve the appeal of your home every day!

Protect Your Home from Weather Related Damage

Protect the surfaces of your home against weather-related damage.

Regular pressure washing in Maryborough removes harmful elements such as mould and other germs which can damage your home or buildings’ surface.

Enhance the Lifespan of Your Paintwork

Dirt and other materials can buildup over time on paint’s surfaces, leading to it peeling and fading. A house can be pressure washed in Maryborough to prevent this. This can save you time and money by protecting your property’s painted surfaces.

Make sure your family is safe

The health of your family is likely to be your top priority.

Cleaning the exterior of your home in Maryborough can remove mould and bacteria that can lead to respiratory illness and other health dangers.

You can be sure that your family is well-protected with our house washing service.

You can save time and money

Time is money!

Professional house washing services in Maryborough are a one-stop solution for your time and energy. Instead of spending hours cleaning out your exterior surfaces, let a trained professional do it!

Pressure cleaning in Maryborough provides a cost-effective alternative to other home improvement solutions like repainting and re-roofing.

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Don’t DIY. Let the House Washing Professionals Help

Why should you hire a professional service to wash your house?

It’s possible to wash your own house. But is it worth it? But are you sure that you have the right technique or equipment? Can you do it safely?

The lack of proper training and the special equipment that professional house washing services have access to can cause damage to your home’s exterior. Instead of risking damage to your property (possibly your most valuable asset), save time, money and effort by working with a professional house washing service in Fraser Coast, such as Maryborough Pressure Cleaning.

Residential Roof Pressure Cleaning Before Vs After

If you don’t have the proper equipment, it is more likely that you will waste more water and take more time to clean your home.

Traditional House Ceiling Pressure Cleaning Before Vs After

Our professional and friendly crew will clean your exterior with state-of the-art equipment and techniques. Our team will make your home beautiful and clean every day. You will find that the exterior of your home looks almost as good as new paint, and for a fraction of the cost of painting.

Your house is valuable. Treat it like an investment.

Our House Washing Sevices in Maryborough

We are a trusted expert house washing service in the area for more than ten years. We provide outstanding services throughout Maryborough and surrounding areas.

Our house washing service in Maryborough includes:

Exterior House Cleaning

As the name suggests, our team at Maryborough Pressure Cleaning specialises in external house washing in Fraser Coast.

It will make your property look better and improve its performance. External house cleaning is a cost-effective and efficient option for many building owners.

If you are thinking about selling your home, a clean exterior is an excellent investment. Remember that people judge books by their covers – same goes for houses.

Pressure Washing Patio Algea Mould Removal

High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is our expertise. We have the right equipment to handle high-pressure cleaning jobs in Fraser Coast.

High-pressure water jets can be used to blast away dirt. Dirt and other debris will be swept away and washed away, leaving your property shiny and clean.

Soft Pressure Cleaning

Not all dirt is scrubby and goopy. That’s why, in addition to high-pressure services, we offer soft-pressure cleaning in Maryborough to our clients. This is the perfect solution for removing rust stains, mildew and algae growth.

Our team will deep clean up your property. Our cleaning service uses low-pressure methods to clean the surface delicately and gently. Soft washing can be used on commercial or residential properties.

Roof Cleaning

Tree and bird debris can accumulate on your roof, making it unattractive and ugly. Roof cleaning in Maryborough eliminates dirt buildup, and lets you enjoy a clean sheltered roof.

Our roof cleaning services in Maryborough include the removal of debris, algae, and moss from your roofing system – as well as treating the roof’s surface to prevent future damage.

Patio Washing & Sealing

A patio or deck can be a wonderful place to entertain guests or, simply, relax. You probably want your patio to look beautiful and inviting so that you and your family can enjoy it.

Over time dirt and grime can build up and make your patio look old and worn.

Our patio sealing and washing services are available in Maryborough to restore the beauty of your patio and protect it from the weather.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Concrete is an attractive, durable and low-maintenance building material. Even concrete can become discolored and unattractive over time.

We will clean and restore the concrete to its former glory. We can seal the concrete surface to protect it against dirt build-up.

Other house washing services we offer in Maryborough include:

How does our cleaning process work?

Our house washing process in Maryborough involves:

1. Make an appointment: Schedule an appointment: to request a quote, or to book a visit with one of our staff members, fill out our form.We will be in touch with you to confirm your appointment time, and to provide additional details about our service.

2. Prepare for the Job: Preparation for the Job: After you have confirmed your appointment, our team will arrive at your office or house to inspect the area and give you a free quote. We can work around your schedule.

3. We’ll come to do the house wash: We will start work as soon as we have all the information and have a time scheduled. Depending on how large and complex your property is, the team can begin work at 8 AM and end by noon. Our team will clean your outdoor surfaces and remove any dirt or grime. Our team also has specialised equipment that will ensure the job gets done right and efficiently. This includes high-pressure water jets. We will clean your house from the inside and out, as well as its roof, walls, gates and fences.

4. Check-out: Once we are finished, our team will walk through your home to ensure everything is fine. We will make your home sparkling clean. Once the job is completed, you will receive information from our team on how to keep it clean.

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Glass Balcony Railing After Pressure Cleaning

Why Choose Maryborough Pressure Cleaning for House Washing in Fraser Coast?


Maryborough Pressure Cleaning started professional house washing in Maryborough many years ago and is still going strong today! We are proudly family-owned business and are proud to employ local people. We have worked with hundreds of Maryborough happy clients and properties all over Fraser Coast.

Quality Service

We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our house washing services in Maryborough. Our company is committed to our quality services, and we aim to please our clients by offering them some of the best cleaning services Maryborough has to offer. Our team is well-trained to ensure your safety, and our cleaning services are efficient and affordable. We get the job done right the first time, and we take pride in our work.

Competitive Pricing

Our house washing services in Maryborough are designed to satisfy our customers. Our company is committed to providing quality services. We strive to please our clients with the best house cleaning services Maryborough. Our staff is trained to ensure safety and our cleaning services can be done efficiently and affordably. We take pride in what we do and get it right the first time.

Prompt Response

Our team is punctual and will respect your time. We will complete the job on time. We will also clean up the mess afterwards to make sure there is no trace.

Pressure Washing Equipment

Our Pressure Cleaning Results

Areas We Cover

Maryborough Pressure Cleaning provides house washing services all over Fraser Coast, including:

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You can increase the property’s immediate value by having a team that takes care of all your cleaning and washing needs. Maryborough Pressure Cleaning provides exceptional house washing services in Fraser Coast. You deserve a bright and clean home every day. We can help you make that happen.

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